“Supports required for workers, families and businesses during Coronavirus emergency” – Matt Carthy TD

Cavan Monaghan Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy has confirmed that he is working alongside his party leadership to ensure that any and all supports necessary are provided for workers, families and businesses in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency.  Deputy Carty said that it was imperative that nobody becomes homeless, goes hungry or has utilities cut during this period.  It is also necessary, he said, to ensure that no business would have to pay for services they wouldn’t need during their closure and that must include a rates freeze and suspension on insurance costs.

He repeated his call for financial institutions to brake all payment schedules for this period for both businesses and individuals who are not in a position to meet them.  This would allow landlords to do the same for tenants for the duration of the crisis.

Deputy Carthy said:

“This is an unprecedented public health emergency brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Therefore, we must put in place unprecedented supports for workers, families and businesses.

“There is huge uncertainty in society at present, and as people come to terms with the consequences of measures that have been announced by government, with cross-party support, it is essential that adequate measures are put in place to allay the fears and concerns of ordinary citizens.

“Those who have had the misfortune of losing their jobs, those that have had their hours cut and those that have been forced out of employment to care for children must be supported, and whilst changes that have been announced to the social welfare system are welcome, other changes will be required in the time ahead to ensure that economic hardship is averted.

“Families and workers must also be protected from rent increases and evictions at this very difficult time, and a mortgage holiday should also be provided for by all banks, in addition to a suspension of utility disconnections by all providers.

“The childcare needs of frontline healthcare workers – who are the source of much pride in our communities at this time – must be met as a matter of urgency.  Government needs to work closely with workers and the childcare sector to find a solution for them very quickly.

“Childcare providers and workers must also be supported through this period of emergency closure and a package of measures including income supports must be clearly outlined as a matter of priority.  Other businesses also need urgent interventions; including a deferral of VAT payments and a rates suspension.

“It is vital that we pull together at this time as a community and as a country.

“Together we can and will get through this.  But supports must be provided to those who need them and we in Sinn Féin will be working to secure them for those workers, families and businesses facing these immense challenges”.


“Supports required for workers, families and businesses during Coronavirus emergency” – Matt Carthy TD

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