Not a single affordable home to be delivered in either Monaghan or Cavan!


Neither Monaghan nor Cavan will see a single affordable home delivered within the next five years, according to the government’s own targets.


Cavan Monaghan Sinn Féin TD said that the publication of the government’s affordable housing targets, which was obtained by his colleague Eoin O’Broin in response to a parliamentary question, showed that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are not serious about tackling the affordable housing crisis.


Teachta Carthy said:


“The government’s affordable housing targets up to 2026 are truly depressing, especially for those in rural regions.


“Despite the rhetoric from government representatives about believing in home ownership, between now and 2026 they are only funding a tiny amount of genuinely affordable homes to purchase.


“None of those homes will be delivered in either counties Monaghan or Cavan.  Even in those large urban centres where some affordable homes will be delivered, the numbers are pathetic.


“These targets show that the Government is not serious about tackling the affordable housing crisis.


“Instead, the Minister is doing what Fianna Fáil do best.  They will give massive handouts to big developers to deliver overpriced homes, with the big losers being struggling home buyers and the taxpayer.


“We need at least 4,000 affordable purchase homes a year. The best way to deliver these homes is through Local Authorities and Approved Housing Bodies.


“This is not a new demand, Sinn Féin have been calling on government to prioritise the delivery of new social and affordable homes via local authorities for years.  Government parties have instead ensured that the crisis in housing has worsened every single year.


House prices in the border region have increased by 24.7% in the past year – the highest of any region.  Yet, the stated intention of government is for those prices to get out of control before providing a single affordable home.  It is a dangerous strategy which has already been proven to fail.  It means that many young workers and families in these counties will never be able to live in their own home – until we secure a change of government and a change in direction and strategy.”


Not a single affordable home to be delivered in either Monaghan or Cavan!
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