Monaghan demonstration slams British government amnesty plans – Matt Carthy TD


Family members of victims of British state forces and agents, including family members of those killed in the Dublin Monaghan bombings, were among a large gathering at the County Courthouse last Saturday to protest against British governments proposals regarding conflict-related killings.


The Monaghan demonstration was among a series of protests, held in almost every county in Ireland, organised by the Time For Truth campaign.  The demonstrators are calling for the British government to abandon their proposals, announced by Secretary of State Brandon Lewis last July.  Under the proposals a statute of limitations will be introduced which will end all prosecutions related to conflict related incidents.  They would also end all legacy inquests and civil actions.


The British plans have uniquely been criticised by every single political party in Ireland, north and south, as well as the Irish government and all victims and survivors groups in the country.  At the Belfast demonstration ‘Time For Truth’ spokesperson Ciaran MacAirt claimed the proposals are “insidious and perfidious proposals which would have embarrassed Chile’s Pinochet dictatorship”.


The Monaghan demonstration was a dignified event, reflecting that many of those gathered were directly impacted by the conflict and particular the actions of British forces and their agents.


Local Sinn Féin TD, Matt Carthy, was in attendance.  He commended the organisers and all those who attended.  He said:  “The British government’s proposals are crass and disgusting.  The plans to introduce a statute of limitations for conflict related incidents aren’t just about denying victims of British forces and their agents access to justice – they are also, crucially, about hiding the truth about Britain’s dirty war in Ireland.


“We know from the British government’s refusal to release documents pertaining to the Dublin Monaghan bombings and many other actions carried out or directed by their forces, that Westminster fears the truth.  But, the message on Saturday when people gathered in almost every one of Ireland’s 32 counties, was clear – the demand for truth has not been dampened by the passage of time.


“The British government must abandon their outrageous proposals.  The Irish government must continue to resist this attempt to imprison the truth.  And, citizens of all political persuasions must remain united and must use all available avenues, legal as well as political, to ensure that the truth is finally told”.


Monaghan demonstration slams British government amnesty plans

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