Matt Carthy to seek SF Nomination to contest European elections


Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy, has said that he will be accepting the nominations he has received to go before his party’s convention to select a candidate to contest the European Parliament elections in May for the Midlands North West constituency.  The convention will take place this Sunday, 3rd February, in Cavan.


Carthy said that we need representatives in the European Parliament who will fight for Ireland’s interests at all turns.  He said:


“Over the past five years, as part of an all-Ireland team of Sinn Féin MEPs, I have been proud to represent the Midlands North West constituency.   I believe I have been successful in addressing the concerns of Ireland in all relevant developments at European level, I have used the platforms provided to me to be a voice for the people of Ireland and I have engaged at a constituency level more than any MEP previously, having held public meetings regularly across all the counties I represent.


“The May elections could be the most important EU contests ever for our country.  Brexit will continue to dominate.  With the potential loss of northern representation in parliament it is vital that we send representatives from an all-Ireland party, a party that has a proven track record of inserting Irish concerns into the heart of the Brexit process, we need representatives that won’t be beholden to either the Brussels establishment or the Irish government.


“In essence we need MEPs who will fight for Ireland.  That has been my role and I wish to continue that work in the new term.


“The new European Parliament will be elected at a time when the EU will face many challenges.  As well as the ongoing Brexit developments, we will see big debates around the new Common Agriculture Policy and indeed on the Future of Europe itself.


“Sinn Féin has been a voice for Ireland’s place in the EU.  But we have also been a voice for a different Europe, a better Europe.  We have been the voice for a social EU that respects national democracy, that works in the interests of citizens rather than corporations and that advocates peace rather than pursuing a dangerous militarisation agenda.  That voice is needed, now more than ever.


“If selected on Sunday I look forward to standing in the upcoming elections on my record and on Sinn Féin’s policy platform.  Every Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil MEP returned will be a vote for more of the same, more federalisation, less democracy, less accountability.  On the other hand, the election of Sinn Féin MEPs will send a clear message that the Irish people want a better, fairer, United Ireland in a radically reformed EU.


“I want to be the representative that brings that message back to Brussels.  I want to continue to fight for Ireland.”


Matt Carthy to seek SF Nomination to contest European elections

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