Matt Carthy MEP welcomes passing of No Deal Brexit measures for road haulage sector


Following voting today Strasbourg, Matt Carthy MEP welcomed the passing of legislation in the European Parliament to prevent one element of chaos that a ‘No Deal Brexit’ would present. The adoption of the report will allow road hauliers to carry out business as normal until the end of the year.


Speaking from Strasbourg, Carthy said:


‘I welcome the passing of this report today which will give some essential clarity to Irish road hauliers in the event that no agreement is reached in Brexit negotiations by 29 March.  This emergency measure will allow continuance until the end of the year for road hauliers to operate in the UK and the EU.  As shadow rapporteur on this report, I am of the strong view that the EU and the Irish government must prepare for the risks posed by a ‘No Deal’ Brexit notwithstanding our hopes that such a scenario will not occur.


‘It is absolutely outrageous that due to the antics of the Tory government, road hauliers across Ireland are facing so much uncertainty on their future.  Road hauliers need clarity regarding rules post-Brexit, and is fundamentally important that Brexit does not obstruct any passage of carriage on the Irish border.


‘The Irish road haulage sector employs roughly 47k people, and these people and their families need certainty.  The legislation passed today will provide some limited clarity.  However, the Irish government can and must push for arrangements to ensure Irish hauliers do not face insurmountable difficulties as a result of a no deal scenario.  This time limited contingency measure should now allow structures to be put in place to ensure connectivity – if it turns out that we are faced with that unthinkable scenario of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.’


Matt Carthy MEP welcomes passing of No Deal Brexit measures for road haulage sector

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