Speaking following the British Government’s rejection of the EU’s Brexit proposals, Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy said:

“From the very beginning of the Brexit process he British Government, supported by the DUP has dismissed the interests of the Irish people, North and South.

“Leaving the Customs Union is incompatible with avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland.“In recognition of this fact, the EU has presented practical solutions to avoid this scenario.

“Despite the fact that Theresa May signed up to these proposals in December, and in keeping with their arrogance to date, the British Government and the DUP have rejected these proposals.

“Sinn Féin has consistently called for the North of Ireland to be designated Special Status within the European Union. That is in the best interest of citizens, the economy and our agreements

“The EU now explicitly accepts that special arrangements are needed for the North.

“We said that Special Status meant the North remaining in the Customs Union and the Single Market.

“We welcome that the EU draft text has recognised that the North must stay in the Customs Union

“We are concerned at the lack of detail on the Single Market, East-West trade and commerce, the rights of citizens and North/South cooperation

“It is now clear that the DUP and Tories will pursue Brexit at any cost.

“Ireland and the other Member States cannot be dictated to by the reckless Brexiteers.

“The Good Friday Agreement and years of painstaking work on the Irish peace process cannot be undermined the right wing of the British Tory Party and hardline, anti-Agreement DUP members.

“The Irish Government and the EU must uphold the democratic wishes of people in the North of Ireland and the political, economic and social interests of the people of the whole island of Ireland.

“To do this means facing down the Brexit extremists in the British Conservative Party and the DUP and ensuring that they cannot undermine the draft treaty.”

Irish Government and EU must face down hardline Brexiteers

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