“Government still not listening” – Carthy dismisses Pensions announcement


Cavan Monaghan Sinn Féin TD, has dismissed this week’s announcement by government regarding pensions as ‘nothing more than a name change’ and he accused Ministers of still not listening to those people who rightly demand that the right to a pension should be in place for people at the age of 65.


Deputy Carthy said:


“This year marks the anniversary of the 2020 General Election.  During that campaign the electorate clearly agreed with Sinn Féin’s proposition that those who wish to retire at 65 should be entitled to the state pension.


“This week’s government announcement is nothing more than a name change which does not alter the fundamental problem of this government turning its back on people who should be entitled to retire.  They simply haven’t listened.


“People retiring at the age of 65 will still be worse off, as they will receive the same rate of Jobseekers.  This amounts to €203 per week, which is a loss of €45 per week.


“Essentially over €2,000 per year will continue to be taken from pensioners’ pockets.  It is grossly unfair and frankly insulting when people have worked hard all their lives and paid into the system.


“It is appalling that the government is trying to brand this as an improvement while they continue to fail people who want the option to retire.


“I am very clear that the State Pension Transition must be restored. Those retiring from work, many after a lifetime of work, should be able to access a State Pension payment.


“We also need to look at choice in retirement as well. People who wish to continue working should have the choice to do so.


“This Government needs to get real about the financial reality facing many people who want to retire but are unable to do so because of this Government’s failure to provide supports that they should be entitled to.


“Ministers are divorced from reality if they think that people will be convinced by this disingenuous branding exercise.  They must do better and bring about the reform needed for people to work and retire fairly and with dignity.


“This issue isn’t going away.  For our part, Sinn Féin will continue to hold the Government to account on this until they scrap this unfair policy.”


“Government still not listening” – Carthy dismisses Pensions announcement
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