Government offer nothing for renters as Monaghan rents rise 6%- Matt Carthy TD


Cavan Monaghan TD, Matt Carthy, has described as ‘astounding’ that the government offered nothing for renters in last week’s budget.  He said that the latest figures from the Residential Tenancies Board showed that rents in County Monaghan have risen by almost 6% in the past year – this is adding to the burden of many workers and families while also making it more difficult for renters to save for a deposit to purchase a home, particularly as house prices are also increasing at an alarming rate.


Speaking on Monday, Teachta Carthy said:


“Despite government spin and bluster, last week’s budget offered absolutely nothing for those living in the private rented sector.  It is astounding that this is the case considering the difficulties that so many workers and families are facing due to rising rent costs.


“Over the ten years that Fine Gael have been in power rents have risen 100%.  Affordable housing supply has dwindled to such an extent that only 8 affordable homes will be available, across the entire state, for purchase this year.


“Over the past year alone, rents in Co. Monaghan have increased by 5.9%.  Coupled with the wider cost-of-living crisis workers and families in this county are seeing their circumstances worsen under the current government.


“Most people living in the private rented sector want to buy their own home.  But how can people on ordinary incomes afford the extortionate rents and save for a home at the same time?


“People are putting off having families, students are forced to choose between sky high rents and crippling commutes, and modest income workers approaching retirement are looking nervously to the future.


“The government’s response has been so-called ‘Help to Buy’ schemes that actually drive up property prices and tax breaks for vultures and speculators.  But nothing for renters.


“We need to take action to reduce rental costs and ban any further increases.


“This government’s disastrous attempt to link rents to inflation is meaningless as figures today show that the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices is now at 3.8%.  This is coupled with property price rises of almost 11% annually.


“People renting, including those in County Monaghan, cannot tolerate any more spin and inaction from this government.


“Sinn Féin in government would ban rent increases, introduce tax relief for those renting in the private rented sector and deliver 8,000 genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy annually.


“Those are the type of initiatives that would deliver for the workers and families that have been ignored by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.”


Government offer nothing for renters as Monaghan rents rise 6%
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