Government Must Abandon Pension Age Hike – Matt Carthy TD


Local Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy has called on the government to make a public commitment to stop plans to increase the pension age to 67 and allow those who wish to retire at 65 to do so.

He was speaking following government discussions on establishing a Pensions Commission and postponing the raising of the age to 67.

Teachta Carthy said:

“The establishment of a commission to consider this is entirely unnecessary.

“Retiring at the age of 65 should simply be a right – it is what those who have supported our economy over the generations deserve.

“Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are on the record as aspiring to move the pension to 67.  There is now naturally a fear that they are seeking to use this commission to achieve that aspiration.

“Of course their intention is also to attempt having to take any responsibility for their decision.

“In the last couple of months we have seen the passage of significant pieces of emergency legislation.  Raising the age to 67 is due to come into effect in January and I am genuinely concerned that there seems to have been as of yet no movement from government to stop this proposal in its tracks.

“This will be of genuine concern to many people approaching 66 early next year and the government are contributing to undue stress during what are already very trying times.

“We already have had the debacle of 65-year olds being forced to apply for jobseekers payments.  If a commission is investigating anything, I would suggest they start with that ridiculous situation.

“Mandatory retirement also needs to be revisited – those who wish to continue working after 65 should be able to do so.  But, those who don’t should be permitted to retire in dignity at the age of 65”.


Government Must Abandon Pension Age Hike – Matt Carthy TD

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