Government actions ‘contributing to energy price hikes and increasing fuel poverty’ – Matt Carthy TD


Local Sinn Féin TD, Matt Carthy has warned that government policy is not only failing to tackle poverty but is actively contributing to increased fuel costs for families and workers.


The Cavan-Monaghan TD was speaking in response to increased electricity price increases that came into effect last week.


Carthy said:


“The government absolutely must do more to assist those who are struggling to pay their bills in response to recent energy price spikes and coming further increases as a result of the Carbon Tax.


“Experts agree that the key reasons people end up in energy poverty is unaffordable energy and homes that are energy inefficient are the key reasons that people end up in fuel poverty.


“Ireland has Europe’s fourth highest electricity costs.


“According to Minister Ryan himself, the Department’s focus is no longer on lowering energy prices, but rather on improving retrofitting supports.


“While supports for retrofitting are to be welcomed, it seems a ridiculous position that the government would simply accept our out-of-control energy costs.


“Research has attributed some 2,800 excess deaths a year across this island to energy poverty.  The government seems to have no strategy whatsoever for address for addressing energy poverty.  Instead it seems committed to further bans on more affordable fuel types, which will no doubt see the rate of energy poverty increase.


“We all accept the need to make changes to secure and improve the environment, but it seems, at every turn, the policy of this government is to increase the cost on ordinary people, particularly in rural communities, without providing the comparable level of supports to those who need them”.


Government actions ‘contributing to energy price hikes and increasing fuel poverty’

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