Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has described attacks on him by Fianna Fáil EU candidate Brendan Smith as pathetic and said they smack of desperation.

Matt Carthy said:

Brendan Smith has issued a pathetic attack on me that smacks of desperation due to the fact that his own campaign thus far has been such a flop.  

“I am proud to be standing in this election on the basis of my record.  This is in stark contrast to Brendan who has been eager to avoid any mention of his record of failure in that Fianna Fáil government that crashed the economy and where, as Minister for Agriculture, Brendan proved disastrous for family farmers especially through his ending of the important REPS scheme and his cuts to ANC payments.

“Sinn Féin’s record of fighting for Ireland in the Brexit negotiations is clear.  Border communities know our record and they know we can be trusted to put Irish interests first at all times.

“We will never play political games with Brexit, as Fianna Fáil are now doing, because we recognise the need for all-party cooperation on this issue – Brendan needs to recognise the importance of putting aside narrow party political interests on this crucial matter if he wishes to portray himself as a prospective MEP.

“I want to be re-elected to continue important work at European level on behalf of the people of the Midlands North West.  I cannot predict the future but my focus if re-elected will be on continuing to fight for Ireland and delivering as an MEP on key issues such as curbing the free rein that Fianna Fáil gave the banks and vulture funds and ensuring that EU funding is directed to the communities in Ireland that need it and not wasted on the creation of an EU army which is supported by Fianna Fáil’s group in the European Parliament.” 


Fianna Fáil Attack smacks of Pathetic Desperation

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