Direct Provision system is ‘a source of shame to us all’ – Matt Carthy TD


Cavan Monaghan Sinn Fein T.D., Matt Carthy, has told the Dáil that the system of Direct Provision is “a source of shame to us all”.


He was speaking during statements to the Dáil on the White Paper on Ending Direct Provision; he said the system has failed those seeking asylum as well as host communities while enriching vested interests to the tune of €1.6Billion.


The Cavan Monaghan TD said:


“Direct provision has been a scandal and every Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Green Party, Labour, Progressive Democrat or other Minister in a Government that has overseen it should be ashamed of themselves.


“There are stories of an uncaring system where human beings are treated, essentially as less by officialdom and administrators, and there is fear underlying every consideration as to whether a complaint should be made about mistreatment.  So many of the stories have reminded me of the recollections we have heard from Magdalene laundries.


“Instead of a policy underpinned by integration, the approach by Government agencies, including very senior officials, has been marked by secrecy and hostility.


“Communities with virtually no investment and which have seen services such as schools, Garda stations and GPs being removed find one day, without any consultation, that their local hotel is being turned into a direct provision centre.


“It is little wonder that racist and far-right groups see opportunity in this.


“This utterly failed system has cost €1.6 billion over 20 years and therein lies one of the challenges faced by the Minister.  There are the vested interests who have made millions of euro from this inhumane regime.


“This White Paper is welcome, but the Minister and his Government will be judged on actions and results rather than rhetoric. I sincerely hope that within this term, we will be able to say collectively the shame of direct provision can be put behind us.”


Following the debate, Carthy commented:


“The white paper charts a course to finally end direct provision, but I would urge the Minister not only to seek an accelerated timeline for its implementation, but to also to address the known and ongoing problems facing residents in direct provision centres in the interim. Matters that are constantly raised such as food quality and access to medical care are to such examples that residents that must be resolved immediately.”




Direct Provision system is ‘a source of shame to us all’

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