Conference on Irish Unity to take place in Monaghan


A conference, organised by a Sinn Féin TD but open to those of all political percussions will take place in Monaghan next week asking the important question: “Is it time to plan for a United Ireland?”


Cavan Monaghan Deputy, Matt Carthy, has organised the conference that will take place in the Garage Theatre on Saturday 9th April, from 11am to 2pm.  Deputy Carthy said this week that he had organised the conference in order to bring to the debate surrounding the prospects of Irish Unity to the central border community.  He invited everyone with a view on the matter, regardless of what that view is, and those who are simply interested in the subject, to attend and participate in what will be a lively and interesting event.


The Sinn Féin leader, Marylou McDonald and Vice-president Michelle O’Neill will deliver addresses at the conference.  But, the key component of the event will be a discussion hosted by Northern Sound political editor Ashling Kieran.  Among the participants will be unionist commentator and former UUP press advisor, Alex Kane.  He will discuss his own opposition to a United Ireland with Queen’s University Professor Colin Harvey and Irish News columnist Patricia MacBride.


Well known comedian and social media sensation, Tadgh Hickey from Cork, will also bring his unique perspective on Irish Unity to the conference.


Speaking this week, Matt Carthy welcomed members of the public to attend the conference and participate in the debate.


He said:


“The Good Friday Agreement sets out the peaceful democratic route to reunify our country.


“Those of us who want to see Irish unity need to convince others that it is in their best interests, that we will all be collectively better off in a united Ireland and that we will be able to reach higher to meet the challenges that face our country.


“That means we have to talk about it.  We have to talk about all of the challenges that unity will bring, but also the benefits it will bring.


“It is my firm belief that a united Ireland makes economic sense, that we will be better off and that we will have the capacity to make all of the people of our country, North, South, east and west, better off.  But we also hear from others who have a contrary position.


“This is the big, national conversation of our people.


“The conference in the Garage Theatre will be an opportunity for people in Monaghan and surrounding counties to be part of that conversation.  I invite all to be part of this event”.


Conference on Irish Unity to take place in Monaghan
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