‘Clontibret to border’ road scheme could be delayed until after 2033! – Matt Carthy TD


Cavan Monaghan Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy has asserted that the government have placed ‘Clontibret-to-the-border’ N2 Road Scheme ‘on hold’, and highlighted ‘a worrying lack of transparency regarding the future of the project.’


Carthy was speaking at a meeting of the Dáil’s Public Accounts Committee last week in response to correspondence from the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) which described the next steps in relation to the road were ‘under consideration’.


Deputy Carthy informed the Committee that NTA documents released to him under Freedom of Information request indicated that the project was ‘suspended’. He expressed fear that a TII review of currently funded projects arising from spikes in construction inflation meant that ‘the failure to secure funding to date could see works on this section of the N2 delayed well beyond 2030’.


Teachta Carthy said:


“The Clontibret-to-the-Border scheme was included in the National Development Plan but it emerged in January that it had been ‘shelved’ from funding by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).


“But, in January, the Minister responsible, Eamon Ryan, reversed the decision to shelve other projects due to demands from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil representatives in those affected constituencies.  This begs the question as to the role of Cavan Monaghan government representatives with regard to the Clontibret to the border scheme.


“The lack of clarity and transparency surrounding this project over the past two years will be of deep concern to communities for whom it can have a real impact, unlocking opportunities for Monaghan and the wider border region.


“Since that time government representatives and state agencies have sought to obfuscate the matter with various claims and meaningless language such the most recent comments that it will remain ‘under consideration’.


“The plain truth of this matter is that TII themselves have now said that it’s on hold and have given 2033 as the estimated completion date.  This date will be missed unless government changes course now”.


Crucial piece of infrastructure


Deputy Carthy continued: “The government must restore funding to allow progress to the next planning phase of the Clontibret to the border N2 road scheme.  It is a crucial piece of infrastructure for the economic development of our county and region that have been poorly served by successive governments, particularly in respect of public transport.


“My previous assertion that a cabinet instruction to Minister Eamon Ryan will ensure that TII earmark this road as a priority project was confirmed by the decision to restore funding to other projects in the south of the country in January.


“The upgrading of the N2 from Clontibret to the border is vital if we are to enhance economic activity in this region.  But, money meant for this road went instead to pet projects of the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan.


“It is unfair to ‘sterilise’ the land of Monaghan landowners while this project is suspended indefinitely.  Therefore, our constituency government representatives, including the Minister for Rural Development, must intervene publicly to demand that the funding be restored”.



‘Clontibret to border’ road scheme could be delayed until after 2033!
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