Carthy welcomes passage of Sinn Féin Bill to preserve 1916 battleground site


Cavan Monaghan Sinn Féin TD, Matt Carthy, has welcomed the fact that the government has supported the passage through the Dáil of a Sinn Féin Bill aimed at preserving the Moore Street area of Dublin, regarded as a key cultural site in light of its connections to the Easter Rising.


Speaking during the Dáil debate on the legislation, tabled by his Sinn Féin colleague, Deputy Carthy lamented that successive governments had allowed this historically important site from entering into the ownership of British speculators and developers.


Deputy Carthy said:


“The Moore Street district is incredibly important to our revolutionary history, culture and heritage as a nation.  It is a place that holds much pride for many across the thirty-two Counties of and many Irish across the globe.  Moore Street is where five of the great leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising met for the last time.


“The district should long have been a national monument. That it was not is in many ways symbolic of the attitude of successive Governments to the ideals of Easter week and the legacy of the great leaders of that period.


“That it was even possible for a property consortium to acquire large tracts of land and buildings in the area with the intention of large-scale demolition and commercial construction is telling.  That the developers enjoyed the connivance of Governments and city councils is shameful.


“To add insult to injury, when large parts of the property ended up in State ownership via the National Asset Management Agency, NAMA, the State failed to recognise its previous failures and the sites were fire sold to another large British commercial shopping mall chain. The intention is for a large shopping centre to be built on this historic location.


“Thankfully, due to the diligent efforts of the relatives of the Rising’s leaders as well as other campaigners, this obscenity has not yet come to pass.


“Thanks to Deputy Ó Snodaigh’s legislation, which I commend him for, the House can preserve and revitalise the historic 1916 Moore Street quarter and ensure that the State no longer allows this important part of our heritage to be dispensed for corporate greed.


“As such, this is an important opportunity that we should all grasp.


“We should always remember with pride those who fought and died for Irish freedom and independence”.


Speaking after the debate Deputy Carthy welcomed the fact that the government had supported the passage of the legislation through to the next stage.  “It is incumbent” he said “that there are no barriers placed in the way of this legislation progressing through all order stages and being made law.”


Easter Commemoration goes online


Meanwhile, Matt Carthy confirmed this week that, in line with public health restrictions, the annual Co. Monaghan Sinn Féin Easter Rising Commemoration will take place online.


Deputy Carthy said:  “Unfortunately, for the second year running, the annual Easter Rising commemoration cannot take place in the traditional format.


“Instead, once again the commemoration will take place virtually and will be broadcast on Facebook and Youtube.  Regardless of the restrictions it is always important that we remember our fallen patriots and the ideals for which they fought and died.


“I am delighted that County Monaghan Sinn Féin will host a fitting tribute and I encourage people of all ages to watch and share online this weekend”.


Carthy welcomes passage of Sinn Féin Bill to preserve 1916 battleground site
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