Cancelled vote on vulture Directive makes Sinn Féin MEPs’ presence in Parliament more necessary than ever – Carthy


Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has welcomed the fact that the vote on the EU’s Directive on non-performing loans scheduled for the final plenary session in Strasbourg this week has been cancelled. This means that the vote will not be voted on by the European Parliament during this mandate and will need to be revisited by the incoming Parliament. Carthy explained that his actions significantly contributed to the delay of the vote.


He said: “Sinn Féin have led the way in opposing the EU’s proposed Directive on non-performing loans, which will give free rein to vulture funds and debt collectors across the EU.


“There are two key reasons why this vote has been postponed and will now be dealt with by the incoming Parliament. The first is the fact that I initiated the one limited procedural mechanism available to me, and was supported in this by the Greens, in forcing the postponement of the vote and inter-institutional negotiations on the Regulation part of this package in December. This meant the adoption of the Regulation was postponed by several months and the whole process was delayed.


“The second reason the vote on the Directive is being postponed is because the social-democrats clearly fear the verdict of their constituents in the European elections if they endorse such an appalling piece of legislation before the vote.


“It is my firm view that this proposed Directive needs to be withdrawn. It was proposed on the basis of an impact assessment that took absolutely no regard of the rights of EU citizens such as the right to housing assistance under the Charter of Fundamental Rights.


“It will lead to more evictions, more harassment of homeowners by debt collectors, and more housing stress and homelessness.  It is grossly unfair because it puts the blame and the punishment for the 2008 crisis on the shoulders of ordinary families and homeowners instead of the financial institutions that caused the crisis.


“The process by which this package – the Regulation and Directive – have been dealt with in the Economic and Monetary Affairs committee has been extremely disappointing, with the two largest groups, the EPP and S&D, colluding to prevent the smaller groups from having a meaningful say in shaping the reports. It has been an appalling and anti-democratic approach to such a crucial proposal – another reason why I welcome the cancellation of the vote.


“Now that the Parliament cannot adopt its position on this file until the incoming mandate, I will continue to work with consumer protection groups and housing campaigners in the coming months to call for the total withdrawal of this extremely damaging proposal.


“This makes the return of the strongest team of Sinn Féin MEPs to the European Parliament in the elections in May all the more important for the Irish people.” ENDS


Cancelled vote on vulture Directive makes Sinn Féin MEPs’ presence in Parliament more necessary than ever – Carthy

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